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Founded in 2019 by Owner, Director, and Head Coach Shane Morton, AVA emerged as a response to community demand for high-level training. With over 15 years of competitive club, high school, and middle school coaching experience, Shane's leap to establish Alpha Volleyball Academy (AVA) has resulted in a thriving endeavor. AVA's commitment to athlete betterment sets a strong foundation for our training. Learn more about club volleyball and AVA below.


Who can play?

Club volleyball is open to boys and girls aged 10 through 18. 


Club offers advanced training and competition across local, regional, and national levels. Most notably, it differs from school leagues as teams are required to be comprised of athletes from various communities, schools and backgrounds.  In addition, teams are built by age group and play the same age level or higher during their club season.  Club ball provide chances to enhance skills, face diverse opponents, and foster teamwork beyond school leagues. This high-level exposure cultivates growth and introduces new opportunities.

Can athletes play for their school volleyball team and a club team?

Yes! The school volleyball season is in the fall and club volleyball season is in the winter so the are no conflicts for athletes to play both and many do. KSHAA does have strict rules regarding how many players for a school team, can be rostered on the same club team - but clubs should be aware of this rule and manage their offers/ rosters accordingly to remain compliant.

when is club season?

Club volleyball season starts with practices and early tournaments in November and typically runs through March or April depending on the team, age group and other qualification factors in some instances. For example, if a team decides to attempt to and ultimately qualify for nationals, they may choose to extend their season into the summer.

Can athletes play a winter or spring sport during club season?

Yes! At AVA, we encourage and support multisport athletes by asking for each athlete's availability for practice and tournaments and doing our best to schedule around it so they can participate with minimal conflicts.

How do we know which club is best suited for our athlete?
There are SO many factors you should certainly take time to consider before you tryout for a club and if you receive an offer.  Below is a common list, but not necessarily all-inclusive. Please know that you should never feel pressured to accept an offer, but should in fact remain transparent and respectful of timing to allow others an opportunity to receive an offer if you know you will be taking an offer elsewhere. 

Things to consider when choosing a club: 
  • Age groups offered
  • Coaching staff expertise
  • Club philosophy
  • Practice and tournament schedules
  • Fees and payment schedule
  • Roster selection approach
  • Handbook, policies, and procedures (e.g., absences, refunds)
HOW MUCH DOES club volleyball COST?

Club volleyball expenses vary based on program, travel, age, and coaching staff. Usually covering practice time, tournament entry fees, coach's pay, player's uniform, club equipment, and overhead expenses. Some clubs include all costs in dues, while others charge separately for uniforms, travel, or club apparel. You can review our club budget details on our Fees page before committing to our club. 

what days are practices and tournaments?

Each season starts with a Team Meeting where parents and players meet coaches and discuss expectations, policies, fees, conflicts, and schedules. Teams practice two or three times a week based on age, between Sunday and Thursday. Practice and tournament schedules are set by club administrative staff after the Team Meeting and shared with the team.

Tournaments are usually one full day on a weekend, mostly Saturday or Sunday. Larger events could span from Friday to Monday. Tournaments start around 8 a.m. and could end between 3-7 p.m., based on team success. Teams remain at the facility throughout the tournament, alternating between playing and officiating. Tournaments typically begin with pool play and end with single-elimination bracket play.

how are players placed on teams?

We hold tryouts twice a year to form teams. The main tryout happens in the summer and is held on the second weekend of July (per our region’s policy). We hold a second tryout in the fall for any remaining openings. Fall tryouts happen at the conclusion of the school volleyball season, usually the last weekend in October.

Teams are form based on tryout results and needed composition. If offered a spot, players will be contacted via their parent's phone number. If you can't attend the posted tryout, reach out for alternative options.

Never feel pressured to accept an offer on-the-spot. Take time to discuss and decide. Choose a club that fits best each season.

For regional policies on club/player recruitment, click here.

How many players are on a team?

For our 11-13s teams our goal is 9 athletes per team. For our 14-18s teams our goal is 10 athletes per team. 

Who are the coaches?

AVA works hard to hire experienced, knowledgeable and passionate coaches. Click here to learn more about our coaching staff.

AVA typically doesn't have coaches stay with one team permanently. While some coaches might continue due to specific reasons, it's not guaranteed. At the season's end, AVA's leadership evaluates coaches' performance and decides on their placement for the next season, considering factors such as age groups and effectiveness.
our training:

Practice and training provide the primary instruction and experience. Tournaments supplement club participation. Club tournaments are typically more competitive and physically demanding than high school matches. Our highly experienced trainers and coaches lead practices with continuous training.


College coaches often attend club tournaments to observe numerous players in a single location. As a result, most colleges now directly recruit from club programs.

what are my local options?

In our community, there are numerous options for finding a club for the season or exploring clinics, open gyms, lessons, and more. A simple search for volleyball clubs or academies will provide you with these opportunities.

how many teams does ava have each year?

We maintain a smaller number of teams in each age group to ensure our directors and coaches can effectively support each other throughout the season. While this approach isn't common, we believe that staying below a certain team count enhances our ability to facilitate, educate, and coordinate efficiently.

okay, how do i commit and join ava?

We're thrilled you're interested in joining us! Reach out, and we'll discuss your next steps.

Players need to register through HOA and eventually in the SportsEngine system to complete forms and payments online. Links for these steps are provided below.

Once you've completed these steps, we can dive into the exciting part: TRAINING!


No worries! We're not just about teams, but athletes too. Our club offers top-notch training options including one-on-one or group lessons, as well as year-round clinics for all ages. Explore these options or contact us for more details. See all training options here

who do i direct my questions to?

Feel free to contact us anytime via email at or by phone at (620) 727-0528. We're also available on our social media platforms for your convenience.

By the Numbers

ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023
Tournament Champions (1st) in Gold 10 10 8
Tournament Champions (2nd) in Gold Unknown 18 8
Tournament Champions (1st) in Silver 4 1 7
Girls College Offers 10 2 4

Each season, we offer to our parents the option to submit an anonymous (or not) survey on their experience with AVA. See the results!